Oregon Draft Horse Breeders Association



The Oregon Draft Horse Breeders Association was organized at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon on September 10, 1950.  It was designed to promote the breeding and use of draft horses and mules in the State of Oregon.  We are a non-profit organization with members throughout the state of Oregon and southwest Washington.  Members of our group are proud to represent all five major breeds of draft horses which include Belgians, Percherons, Shires, Suffolk and Clydesdales.  We also have many members with mules.

We use our horses and mules for various activities throughout the year which includes farming, logging, parades, wagon trains and showing our animals at fairs around Oregon, including the Oregon State Fair.  

We meet three times annually and have several play days including a summer picnic, and are involved in several “living history” projects.  

We welcome those who own draft horses and mules, or simply have an interest in them!

2020 ODHBA Plow Competition